Moonhallow Vintage
Halloween Folk Art - by Jan Pierce




Sam Hane - the oldest member of the Pumpkin race. 

Long ago under a full moon in Moonhallow, an evil old hag plotted to relive herself of the drudgery of her daily chores. She desired not to go traipsing about the forest looking for ingredients for her potions. She had better things to do with her time. After all, think of all the spells she could cast if she didn't have to waste time gathering the right items. So, she cooked up a potion that would create a minion. She plopped a few pumpkins on the table and sprinkled the potion overtop. She chanted a few words and the pumpkins sprouted arms. A few more words, and legs sprang out. She was pleased and continued to recite the spell bringing the pumpkin man to life. For a while, all went well and the veggie man served quite nicely or so she thought. It seems, Sam Hane was an ambitious sort - not satisfied to simply do what he was told, he sought more for himself. He was crafty too, Sam learned more and more of his masters magic, all the while waiting for the right moment. The moment he could be free. It finally came, 7 years later, Sam had learned enough magic to free himself of his servant bonds. He had grown close to the old hag, so he told her how to master the pumpkin race. The veggie people of the Pumpkin race continue to be grown only in Moonhallow.
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Sam Hane is hand made and hand painted. Each arm and leg is formed over a wire armature for strength. He can sit on a table as shown, or on a shelf with his legs hanging over. 

One of a kind Halloween folk art
 All ORIGINAL DESIGNS are hand painted and created by the artist - they are not just old post card images passed off as original works of art! All work is freehand, no stencils, paint pens or markers are used! All paint has been sealed for durability. 

 5" tall by 4" wide

newly hand made


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