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Halloween Folk Art
by Jan Pierce

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"Beneath the slumbering hallowed moon, veggies dance and witches swoon. With sinister smirks and evil grins, the wicked revelry now begins... "  --- Jan Pierce

Welcome to Moonhallow Vintage where everyday is Halloween!


     As a professional artist with a life long love of all things dark and spooky, it is only natural for Halloween to be my favorite holiday. For those of you who would agree that Halloween should remain a celebration of the dark side of life, this fiendish folk art is for you. You will find creepy creatures of all sorts created with a slightly warped sense of humor. Enjoy the sinister scenery and have some wicked fun! Wicked Weeds- Anthropomorphic Veggie Men Halloween Folk Art

     Be careful where you step, there are all sorts of things roaming around the creepy countryside and it is easy to get lost. You may find yourself face to face with one of the Wicked Weeds™ or even a Moonie - one of the Moonhallow townsfolk. As you travel, be on the lookout for witches from the Order of Moonhallow, they are wicked witches of the worst kind. They are always up to no good! The signpost to the left can help you find your way around. It points the way to all the must see spots here at Moonhallow!

Moonhallow Haunted Swamp 

      You can explore Moonhallow's spooky landscapes where you will find eerie swamps filled with creeping things and dilapidated dwellings. You will see rolling hills spattered with haunted houses, pumpkin patches and gnarled trees. Be sure to take a peek in the grave yard and visit with the ghosts for a while - if you dare! 

      As you are passing through, stop by Moonhallow Town Center and visit some of the shops (below) where you can pick up a souvenir or two or three :). You will find lots of choices in the Halloween Folk Art shop. I hear that the Halloween Witch Ball Ornaments make great gifts too!  If you are going to be in the Chester County, PA area, check the dates and locations of Craft Shows where you can shop for vintage style Halloween Folk Art and meet the Halloween Artist in person.


Moonhallow Town Center 

Moonhallow Town Center

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My Specialty

Life Size Hand Sculpted Busts - - Halloween Heads!
All of these are SOLD but I can make one to order just for you :)

OOAK Halloween Witch - Hand Sculpted Art Doll Bust

hand sculpted life size witchhand sculpted life size witch

Also available on a limited basis - Hand sculpted Santa Heads!
All of these are SOLD but I can make one to order just for you :)

 Moonhallow Vintage Halloween Folk Art Witch
Original One of a Kind Creations

Contact me if you would like to have a similar life-size hand sculpted witch bust specially made for you or a loved one - Starting at $150.00



Recently Sold Halloween Artwork

If you see something you like that is already sold, just give me a shout, I may be able to paint something similar just for you. Likewise, if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask, I have a large stockpile of items waiting to be painted!

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